The Ready for Takeoff Foundation is a charitable outreach initiative created by ExcelAir8 to serve aviation-interested students in Central Missouri through an outreach arm and a scholarship program.

Aviation careers are entering a period of exponentially high demand. From pilots to mechanics to air traffic controllers, there is a massive hiring boom nationally. Expansion of commercial air travel and record numbers on the private/corporate side have caused average salaries to skyrocket with some more than doubling in a 12-month window.

To help Mid-Missouri students best grasp their opportunity in aviation, we have established an outreach program to foster support aviation clubs in Mid-Missouri high schools, giving interested students the chance to learn how to accomplish their goal and get support as they set out to do so.

In addition to our aviation clubs, the Ready for Takeoff Foundation is proud to have a scholarship program, fundraising to cover the cost of scholarship award winners’ flight training. Students are able to apply to the annual award scholarship where our volunteer committee of local aviators decides who will receive scholarship assistance toward their flight goals!

If you want to learn more about the RFT foundation or if you want to support our efforts in growing aviation, reach out today!

Ready for Takeoff Foundation Video Transcript:

At ExcelAir8, we are proud to offer a charity on what we do that benefits local use that may not have the finances or resources to achieve the professional aviation career that they aspire to have. And that’s why we launched the Ready For Take Off foundation. A special organization where volunteer pilots form a committee board to offer mentorship and scholarship to our young aviators here in Central Missouri. And through our program, folks were able to apply and then receive fully paid-for-flight training. They can utilize it to accomplish their professional aviation goals. And it’s something very near and dear to our hearts as well as various business owners and personal operators in the area that want to continue to utilize in higher home-grown professional pilot town. So, there is an amazing need out there, we want to help people find their mission in life. And it fill those professional flying roles in the process. So, help us in standing up and supporting our young aviators and allowing them to achieve the goals that would make us proud for them for decades to come at the Ready For Take Off foundation.