ExcelAir8 is proud to be Central Missouri’s only home-based flight clubs provider, a structure of ownership and management that gives the member the highest level of access and usability available outside of exclusive personal ownership, but at 1/8 the cost. Aviation is an endeavor best operated at its efficiencies, thus delivering best value.

Instead of spending six figures annually to own and maintain your own business aircraft or acquire expensive charters (some range north of $5000 per hour) you are able to become a co-owner in a beautiful, locally based and owned aircraft that is ready to fly you wherever you wish. With 8 shares available on each aircraft, the limited access means you’ll be able to fly more when you want to, versus when the aircraft would/could be available. With multiple parties using the airplane, the aircraft can reach a higher annual flight time than it would on its own, reducing the annual hourly rate for the year by stretching fixed costs & overhead out over more journeys.

With a fixed annual cost, guaranteed buyout and complete aircraft management from ops to maintenance, you might be surprised how convenient getting into flight clubs can be! Contact us today to learn more about current fleet availability.