Co-Founder Braden Tyrer is an insurance agent focusing on aviation insurance! It was actually his experience in the insurance arm of the aviation realm that propelled him to launch into other areas. By writing with nearly every carrier operating in the US Aviation market and constantly monitoring trends, Braden can help you accomplish the goal of obtaining accurate coverage that doesn’t under or overshadow the mission. Braden has experience in insuring single and multi engine piston and turbine aircraft as well as entities operating in the aviation realm like consultants, mechanics, airports, FBOs and other facilities ops organizations. If you are looking for answers, schedule a time to meet with Braden and find the best fit today.

Aviation Insurance Video Transcript:

I get to live my dream every single day being an aviation professional and I think that my clients appreciate, to some aspect, just how much I love the industry I work in. And I’m grateful that I was able to get my start in aviation on the professional arm. In something that is so difficult for people to utilize to the fullest extent. Especially, here in Missouri, and that’s aviation insurance. And I find myself weekly, almost daily going back and drawing from the lessons I learned at the starting up in this industry. Because the nuances of an aviation insurance policy can make or break feasibility or viability for users. If you are looking to insure your plane whether it be an aircraft you already own or a new acquisition. Think about the local guy. Start with a call on me, I’d be happy to chat with you and answer questions all with facts Missouri frame of focus. Because I’m a local pilot just like you, an airplane owner just like you, and I understand what needs to happen to make sure we maximize that value and get every answer about the policies. So, skip the 1800 number and give me a call at ExcelAir8 Aviation Insurance Services.