Airplanes aren’t acquired to add burden; they are utilized as valuable tools capable of expanding horizons and redefining travel. They are also very complex and high-value machines that require consistent and capable management. Instead of spending time, effort and energy learning and subsequently managing your aircraft, partner with the aviation management professionals at ExcelAir8. With our management partners assisting you with your aircraft, you can find the concierge-level experience you’ve been looking for, free of headaches.

With an asset like an aircraft, experienced managers can help all across the spectrum, with services like:

  • Maintenance management and coordination
  • Pilot/crew coordination and scheduling
  • Aviation recordkeeping and analysis
  • Management of fractional ownership and partnerships
  • Insurance quoting and oversight

With the right partner, you know you are maximizing the value of your aircraft while greatly mitigating the liabilities. ExcelAir8’s team brings just that, so you can ascend to new heights.

Aircraft Management Video Transcript:

If you put yourself in a position to own a new aircraft and tap into the world of potential available to you, it’s nice to be able to maximize the amount of assistance you have to make sure you are getting a good value out of your experience. And that’s where we come in as professional aviation managers. We want to alleviate the burden on your plate so you can utilize the aircraft to find that value, right? Getting where you want to go very expediently and efficiently, where we handle the backend, it’s all about safety and is good financial sense. This is why at ExcelAir8 we are your number one choice to partner with on your airplane to make sure you are getting a good second opinion and getting the maximum out of your experience with the aircraft.