Anyone knows that proper maintenance, inspections and repair are critical to any safe flight. At ExcelAir8, our mission is to deliver reliable A&P services to keep your airplane flying the right way while staying true to timeframes and budgets.

Inaccurate timelines and quotes have plagued aircraft owners for ages due to the lack of available mechanics, and it is hurting our GA fleet. We want to eliminate these challenges. Brad Flikinger, Chief Mechanic, is an A&P I/A with over 30 years of experience. With our new 8000 sq ft maintenance facility now open at KMBY, we are able to serve a variety of aircraft types, from experimental all the way through light jet and mid size turboprop.

The next time you need an inspection done, have some repairs needed, or want to make an upgrade, think of the experienced pros at ExcelAir8’s maintenance department.