Investment Opportunities

Earn strong, hands-off returns and unlock powerful depreciation strategies by utilizing ExcelAir8’s professionally managed aircraft partnerships.

Did you know that you can turn your capital into a highly-depreciable revenue generating asset?

By partnering with ExcelAir8, you can finally see returns you may have never dreamt of, all without needing to lift a finger.

ExcelAir8 wants to partner with you to help you acquire an aircraft for our fleet and generate revenue for you.

We are now signing leases with partners. If you have an interest in generating consistent monthly revenue with no time or hassle required, we want to take on your insurance, hangaring and daily operations, sending you a monthly check in return. The only things you have to cover on your aircraft are the maintenance (which we manage) and applicable taxes. This revenue not only allows for measurable gains but gives you a budget for strategic upgrades and repairs (Ex: engine overhaul) that may add value to the aircraft – appreciation you may see at the time of sale. We keep the aircraft insured up to its market value, making sure the process is safe and easy for all aircraft owners.

Target investments are between $40,000 and $250,000.

Aircraft Revenue Projections: $24,000/year

Check out the revenue projections below done on a $40,000 aircraft (Piper Tomahawk used as example):

Conservative estimate of annual flight time: 20hrs a week, 30 weeks a year (600 annual hours)
Your annual revenue at $40 per hour: $24,000
Over a 2400 hr tbo, you should be generating $96,000 in revenue.

Estimated Owner Expenses Over Four Years:

  • $35,000 Engine Overhaul
  • $25,000 in Maintenance
  • $1800 in Taxes
  • That equates to $61,800

Annual Aircraft Profit: $8,550 / 21% ROI

Annual profit would be $8,550 per year after all necessary budget items.

This breaks down to approx. 21% Return On Investment (ROI).

The aircraft may appreciate on the market side with investments in things like an engine overhaul so the cost may be recouped at the time of sale.

This does not include the depreciation expense you may be able to claim, which may offset profits from other business ventures.

There may be other tax benefits, such as depreciation deductions. Each situation should be evaluated separately and in conjunction with your tax advisor.

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Disclaimer: These are all hypothetical projections and are not a guarantee of future success.

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