There are a myriad of variables woven into every facet of flight, from maintenance and registration to insurance, pilot hiring and recurrent training – the list goes on. Oftentimes those outside of the aviation realm have the need to enter it, either for business or personal use. This proves to be difficult as aviation is a specialized niche.

Instead of working with someone states away or taking it upon yourself to learn and hopefully make the right call, rely on ExcelAir8’s consultants to remove the question marks from the equation. We help people on a spectrum from even the first notion that private aviation may be for them or their business all the way through multi-decade owners looking to make adjustments in the way they fly. From flying clubs to jets, our team has what it takes to keep you on-course.

A well-versed and well-trained consultant with access to international databases for maintenance, appraisals and operational cost analysis is a valuable resource to help you find the best path. Instead of ending up in the red or underwater in a stressful situation, rely on the ExcelAir8 team to guide you where you need to go and deliver the best, tailored information possible.

Aircraft Consulting Video Transcript:

Unless you have been around in the industry for quite some time, it’s totally common to have lots of questions about how aviation works and how you can best utilize it to solve your goals. And that’s where we come in on the consulting arm at ExcelAir8. That’s why it’s important to ExcelAir8 for our consulting to come alongside and help you to solve those questions, right? By taking away the unknowns, you will be able to move forward with confidence knowing that your operation is safe and financially secured. Next time you have a question about your aviation goals, come talk to us at ExcelAir8. We would love to offer you some professional consulting business guides.