We are the only COU-based aviation brokerage specialists, giving us the ability to meet/vet potential buyers and show the aircraft to them. We take in-field experience paired with distinct market analysis to strongly negotiate on our clients’ behalf. This keeps you from having to sift through tire kickers and drive to the airport time after time to show the airplane off. ExcelAir8 manages the entire process, even involving mechanically or cosmetically preparing the aircraft for sale, professional photo and video production, consulting on market pricing, management of all listings and fielding all inbound interest. We can also assist with all documentation.

When it’s time to buy or sell, call in ExcelAir8 – the team who has been there before – to get maximum value at minimum inconvenience.

Aircraft Brokerage Video Transcript:

Every aircraft owner remembers those special milestones. The first flight in your new airplane or the last flight as you send your plane off to a new owner and go on to your next venture. But in finding the maximum value, it always starts with a season and an expert broker to come alongside you to analyze aircraft as well as to analyze the market, to see where we can find the best value for you wherever you are going to buy yourself. So, next time you are looking in making an acquisition or a sale in aviation, think about your friend at ExcelAir8 and what they might be able to help with on the brokerage end.