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Who is ExcelAir8? What do they do? How can they help you? Watch the video to get the answer to all your questions.

When put in the position to own or co-own an aircraft, it is a decision made out of a desire to go further and to do more – more of what you want to do and less of what you don’t.

The aircraft marketplace can feel like a somewhat hectic, risky realm to those unfamiliar with its inner workings. Due to the specified yet geographically broad market, it takes a professional who can bring all the elements together in order to win top dollar on sale or a great deal on acquisition. ExcelAir8’s team takes that burden off each client’s shoulders by efficiently and professionally listing aircraft where and how they need to be offered.

The acquisition of an aircraft of any size is an investment. A sound, long-term financial plan with a trusted advisor is a great way to ensure market success, but what about the aviation market?

Any smooth flight starts with diligent preparation. The attention to detail is what ensures not only a seamless trip but safety in all facets of flight operations. ExcelAir8 has a staff of trained professionals specializing in aircraft detailing and stocking services.

Whether you are looking at aviation as a career path or as a hobby, everything starts with intentional flight training based upon a predetermined path. With hard work and preparedness, many can achieve the goal of earning their own license.

Are you ready for a career in professional aviation? If you are like most, finding the money for training can be one of the biggest hurdles between you and your dream job.

Co-Founder Braden Tyrer is an insurance agent focusing on aviation insurance! It was actually his experience in the insurance arm of the aviation realm that propelled him to launch into other areas.

The Ready for Takeoff Foundation is a charitable outreach initiative created by ExcelAir8 to serve aviation-interested students in Central Missouri through an outreach arm and a scholarship program.

ExcelAir8 is proud to be Central Missouri’s only home-based flight clubs provider, a structure of ownership and management that gives the member the highest level of access and usability available outside of exclusive personal ownership, but at 1/8 the cost.

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